What type of pizza has popped up in that time?

PART ONE: Evolution of Pizza in North America
Three PAGES, approximately 750 words
1. Conduct a computer search to find the information you need. Do not write about Italy, Queen Margherita or tomatoes. Your grade will be based on the thoroughness of your research and organization of information. If a history of Italy or tomatoes is used from one of your sources, points will be deducted.

American pizza began in New York/East Coast region and then spread across the country.
Identify regional pizza pies, describe the differences in each selected pizza.
> East Coast, Insert and describe two types of iconic pizzas on the East Coasts
> Midwest, Insert two types of pizza from Chicago, one from Detroit, one from St. Louis
> West Coast Insert two types of iconic pizza
Identify pizza types in America and how it has evolved in America. Be analytical in regard to how pizza has evolved here, which will possibly include bits of history.

2. PIZZA TRENDS in the 2010’s, through the Pandemic, and now
A lot has happened in the last 12 years. What type of pizza has popped up in that time? Research pizza trends and how the West Coast has influenced modern day pizza. In Orange County, what pizza places have begun or started multiple units with a different style of pizza? What has happened to the pizza business during the pandemic?