What types of exercise do you regularly engage in?

The goal of the four paper assignments you will write this semester is to strengthen your library skills, critical
thinking and analytical skills, and knowledge of the key issues within the developmental psychology literature.
Responses to each paper assignment should not be based on your opinion but based on the information in your
textbook and peer-reviewed research. Each paper assignment should be 4 pages long, double-spaced, 12-point
Times New Roman Font and in APA Format (abstract is not necessary). Up to 10 additional points will be
deducted from papers that are not in APA formatting and/or have grammatical errors that affect readability. In
addition to any sources that are provided within the paper assignment, for each assignment you will be
responsible for finding three additional peer-reviewed sources to help you develop and support your
response. When writing your paper assignments, please remember that your point of view should be informed
A tremendous amount of research that points to the importance of exercise for successful aging is available
today. This project allows you to see if this message is getting out to the public. For this project, investigate the
physical fitness programs available for elderly people in your community. Call or visit the websites of any
senior centers in your area to find out what programs are available. You can also research local gyms to see if
any special programs are available for elderly people. Then, interview four people, one in each of the following
age groups: twenties, forties, sixties, and over-seventies; then ask them the following questions:
 How often do you exercise?
 What types of exercise do you regularly engage in?
 Do you typically exercise alone or with other people?
 How long have you been regularly exercising?
 How long do you plan to regularly exercise in the future?
 Why do you exercise?
After completing the interviews, compare and contrast the answers given by people in the different age groups.
Write a report summarizing your findings and indicating how well the message about the benefits of exercise
for successful aging has been received in your community. Finally, make a proposal for your city government
about improvements in programs/facilities for the elderly to promote physical fitness. Make sure to conduct a
literature review to see what strategies work best