What was the environment?

Think of an experience you have had in clinical. Perhaps it was taking vital signs or bathing a confused patient. Write 200–250 words summarizing the experience and addressing the discussion prompts in your initial post. Then, respond to at least two of your peers’ posts in a substantive

manner. Discussion Prompts Who was the person(s) involved (person refers to the patient or resident or the family and support persons)? What

was the environment? A community center? A bathing room in a nursing home? The person’s bedside in a hospital? What was the health condition of the person? For example, was the person seeking information for self-care? Critical? In pain? Ready for discharge? How was nursing involved?

For example, was the nurse compassionate? Angry? Efficient? A novice or an expert? Describe how each of the four components of a nursing theory occurred in your clinical situation.