What were your IAT results?

Take The IAT Take the Race IAT (Links to an external site.) on the Project Implicit site. *This test has been taken more than one million times, and the results usually reveal some degree of bias. We are engaging with the IAT because we know that exposing our implicit biases is a step toward

changing them and then changing behavior.* Write Your Reflection Answer each of the questions below. Each answer to questions 2-5 should be approximately 1 paragraph in length (4-5 sentences minimum). What were your IAT results? Amplifying the above statement, there is no right or

wrong result. A result showing bias gives us information and fodder for reflection and commitment to learning more. Do you believe your results were accurate? Why or why not? What was your reaction when you learned your results? Regardless of the IAT, do you think that you have hidden

racial biases? What is your evidence? In your opinion, how common are hidden racial biases, and how important are they compared with other racial biases?