Where is the best place to locate the command center?

Week 8 4. Your sponsors have requested recognition beyond signage at the host venue for the even described in item 1. What exposure opportunities can be offered to partners during opening ceremonies, intermissions, and during the competition itself? How can you use various technical presentation tools to provide unique impact for your top sponsors? Week 9 5. Create a crisis communications plan for the marathon.

Who should the Crisis Assessment Task Force include? Where is the best place to locate the command center? How would you respond if

threatening weather appeared likely to turn dangerous during the course of the event? Week 10 3. A major news event has suddenly preempted live television coverage of an organize sports event while in progress, what kinds of risks may the organizer be subject to, and what protections should It have in place, to minimize the financial impact? Week 11 4. In what unique ways would you use social media networks as pre- event

engagement opportunities for the 10K run? How can you utilize these networks during the event provide enhanced coverage to the families and

friends of the participants, and opportunities for your business partners? Week 12 Develop a social media plan to support your marketing efforts for one of the events above How will you keep fans visiting and interacting from the time the event is announced through and including event

day? In what ways can you use social media to continue to engage with fans after the event has concluded? Week 13 3. Create a post event publicity plan for a tournament. What positive messages will you try to reinforce? How will you deal with potential negative results (e.g., traffic and parking issues, poor officiating, serious injuries to athletes or spectators)?