which ACA moral principles apply to the scenario autonomy beneficence Justice non-maleficence Fidelity or veracity?

Paper and APA format 3 Pages 4 scholarly references within Last 5 Years choose “a helpful receptionist video” and watch it read the practitioner’s guide to ethical decision making identify the problem. clearly State the facts of the scenario do not provide assumptions or

hypotheses correctly and clearly identify problems in scenario answer “is this problem ethical Legal Professional clinical or technology problem

” apply ACA code of ethics Identify two or two to three applicable standards from the 2014 ACA code of ethics which standards apply or can address the problem presented in scenario make sure to cite the standard numbers and state how the standards apply in the scenario

applicable State codes laws and federal mental health laws which ethical codes from your state licensure laws rules or Practice Act to apply in the scenario?

correctly and clearly identify any federal mental health laws that apply to the scenario make sure to include the code numbers and see how the codes apply determine the nature and dimensions of dilemma identify

which ACA moral principles apply to the scenario autonomy beneficence Justice non-maleficence Fidelity or veracity?

how do the identified principles apply to the scenario? if more than one applies determine which one is priority based on the problem identified in the scenario review relevant professional literature from professional refereed journals related to the identified problem and moral principle to

find the most recent professional thinking regarding to the ethical dilemma materials must be outside of your textbooks you need at least two Journal articles published in Last 5 Years provide two experienced professional counselors supervisors peers Etc who also abide by ACA code of ethics and two state or national professional counseling organizations you will consult in the state of Minnesota to help with the Dilemma

generate a potential course of action brainstorm three to four potential courses of action to explain how you would address or resolve the problem make sure the section is written in first person and fixes the problem you are not preventing the problem for each potential action item

provide evidence from the literature to support your decisions do not say you will work through the ethical decision making model as this is the

ethical decision making model you need at least two scholarly Journal articles published in the last five years [UPSELL_BEGIN] digital_copies_of_sources_used = 0 plagiarism = 1 pref_writer = 0 urgent_writer_assign = 0 version = 4; Technical line. Don’t touch!