Which ideology is best illustrated by the current federal administration?

Historically, social work practice emerged from the blending of two approaches to dealing with society’s vulnerable populations. Identify, and compare and contrast these two movements and their approaches. Discuss their underlying philosophies and the ways in which these

philosophies influenced their interventions. How are the two movements reflected in present social work? Describe what you personally view as most positive about each approach and if you perceive any limitations to these approaches. Define the conservative and liberal perspectives.

Which ideology is best illustrated by the current federal administration? Discuss an example of a social welfare program or policy (from any historical era) that illustrates both political approaches. Describe the Elizabethan Poor Laws. Why were they so important to the development of social welfare in the U.S.? Describe the evolution of indoor and outdoor relief in the U.S., incorporating notions of stigma as applied to the

deserving versus undeserving poor. Select an era in social welfare history: Colonial and Pre-Civil War, Civil War and Reconstruction, and the Progressive Era. Consider one social welfare problem during that era and the efforts to address it through a social welfare program during that time period. Then relate it to the values and beliefs, and social welfare programs of today addressing the same or similar social problem. Has our society made progress or not? How might you account for this improvement or failure? Identify and describe three major social work

principles discussed in class and/or the textbook, or NASW Code of Ethics. How are these principles reflected in social welfare policies or programs? As social workers, we may experience ethical dilemmas when one or more of our professional principles clash. Describe a situation in which this might occur. How might you resolve the issue? Requirements In order to complete this midterm, be sure to: Write approximately two to three typewritten pages Responses will be evaluated on compliance with the question chosen; effectiveness of writing, clarity,

organization, depth of analysis, thought or reflection, quality of writing (including spelling, grammar, and punctuation). Exams submitted after the due date may be subject to a grade reduction of 5%. References are not necessary unless you use materials other than those assigned in class. You need not quote other sources in your responses. However, if you do use a very brief quote from any source, you must use quotation marks

and acknowledge and reference your source in APA style. Do not consult with or use any Internet encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia, Answers.com, or About.com. Your responses should be based primarily on assigned class readings and in-class discussions.