Who are the suppliers and buyers of Coke and Pepsi?

Assignment #1     Coke v. Pepsi 5-Forces Industry Analysis      Conduct an industry analysis of this case using Porters 5-Forces Model. Focus on the period by the year 2009.

(1)  Define the industry using the industry value chain. Who are Coke and Pepsi?

Are they bottler or concentrate products or both in the value chain?

Who are the suppliers and buyers of Coke and Pepsi?

(2)  For each Force, answer whether the Industry Force is low, medium, or high in intensity.

Cite key evidence from the case for your answer do not list everything, just the most important point or two that support your answer

. (3)  Given the strengths of the other Industry Forces, is the level of rivalry what you would expect?

Why or why not? (4) Think dynamically;

What Force is changing the most after 2009?  Is it increasing or decreasing?

  Provide evidence from the case for your answer. You should not do any graphics for this assignment: Just type your answers.   (5) What is the right explanation on Porters 5 forces analysis of Cola Wars cases from the perspective of concentrate producers?

  (a) Bottlers are direct suppliers. (b) Power of buyers is high regardless of who they are. (c) Threat of new entrants is high because producing cola does not require proprietary technology. (d) Intensity of price rivalry is low. Increasing concentrate prices are a good indication of low price rivalry.