Who is the book’s intended audience?

Basically, it’s a book review. I’ve included the original instructions below but just wanted to mention that you don’t have to read the book. I found

a pretty useful summary of the book and will try and attach that if possible. I will also attach the original handout for the assignment Part I – Book Review (50%) Due Date: April 27 Length: approx. 2pp After reading your book, you will write a brief book review. The book review should both

summarize the book and assess its strengths, weaknesses, and usefulness. Some things you might want to consider (and some of these questions may be more applicable to some books than to others): • Who is the book’s intended audience? Will that audience find the book useful? • Is the

book more theoretical or practical in nature? • Is it prescriptive or descriptive in its approach? • What is the level of explanation provided by the book? Is it appropriate to the intended audience? • Does the book provide sample exercises? • How does this book expand on—or perhaps

contradict—some of the information and/or advice provided in The Copyeditor’s Handbook? • Is the book enjoyable to read, or is it extremely dry and technical? • What did you find most useful about this book?