Who were Miner’s Nacirema?

Assignment 1 -Please follow guidelines in syllabus and Canvas for assignment. Remember to include in-text citations and a full references page.

Make sure to answer all of the following questions for Assignment One. 1.) Who were Miner’s Nacirema? What information does the article give to identify them? After reading the article and the accompanying class material, why do you think Miner wrote and described the Nacirema the way he did? 2.) Why was Darwin so influential to the field of biological anthropology? Who do you think helped influence his ideas the most and

why (consult textbook – choose at least two)? Why do you think “Natural Selection” is now considered a theory (explain this using definitions and your own thoughts)? 3.) According to the film “Why Sex?” why DID sex evolve as a reproductive technique? What did one particular experiment (shown in the film) illustrate about the importance of sexual reproduction? What other types of reproduction are there? Recall meiosis and

mitosis. How does meiosis affect sexual reproduction? What else stood out to you from the film and why? Film: “Why Sex?” 4.) Find an anthropology article (from a credible news source, biological anthropology preferable, and one that I have not assigned). – Give a very brief summary of the article. Why did you choose this article and what stood out to you from it? How does it relate to (biological) anthropology? What new scientific findings are being reported? What are the implications of these new findings for anthropology/humanity? What questions or comments do you have about this article?