Who were the suffragettes?

Please follow the instructions that I’m going to upload on the file. This assignment is a final project just follow the instructions in the files. The topic

that I’m choosing is TOPIC 3: Women’s Rights. Base your answers on the following Topics: 17 & 18. Also use Topic # 3 about John Locke.

Questions: 1. Who were the suffragettes? What were they fighting for? (Include examples from more than one country or part of the world.) 2. What

was the ERA? What happened to it? 3. Do we need an equal rights amendment today? Why or why not?

4. How does the ERA relate to the ideas of John Locke’s ideas of natural rights and social contract, and to the Enlightenment in general?

5. How does the women’s rights movement compare to other examples like the ANC struggle in South Africa or the fight for independence in India?