Why are these two elements so important to the development Dahl wished to achieve?

ESSAY #1 Roald Dahl “The Landlady” “Spookiness is the real purpose of the ghost story. It should give you the creeps and disturb your thoughts . . . “ (Roald Dahl, from the introduction to Book of Ghost Stories). Roald Dahl’s collection Kiss Kiss includes the short tale The Landlady, in which we delve into a story of intrigue that leaves the reader to determine the eventual outcome – a cliffhanger. Questions to contemplate: (to get your thoughts moving – you do not have to answer) Was Billy not very bright, was he entranced in some way, or something else? Why was the landlady able to be successful?

Assignment: Essay #1 Critical Thinking writing prompt: 3-4 pages (no less than 3 full typed pages MLA format) Think about how expertly Dahl develops this intriguing short story with its buildup to a cliffhanging ending. Discuss those developments in regards to the story’s literary elements: the characters and the setting.

Why are these two elements so important to the development Dahl wished to achieve?

Think how Dahl keeps his audience on their toes and curious as to what is going on. Think how the spooky feelings creep in. Remember that the landlady has not been given a name, so do not capitalize what she is referred to.

Explain in detail with support from the text. This is NOT a book report. NOTE: for all written texts — always use the present tense when discussing a written text. Never use past tense. It is our automatic feeling to refer to the discussion in the past tense because we already read it (past). BUT do not do that! A written text is a thing of the NOW and is considered the NOW (present tense). So, for example: if you want to say that a character is doing something from the text, then you will write that sentence in the present tense:

“He is sitting by the window reading a book.” Do not write: “He was sitting by the window reading a book.” REASONING: the man will still be sitting by the window reading a book when you or anyone rereads the text! Note: A works cited page is required. Not sure if I need to put on here 4 pages but it would be 3 written pagluves then a works cited.