Why did many Americans criticize the Mexican War?

Qs.1 Explain the justifications for the doctrine of manifest destiny, including material and idealistic motivations.

Qs.2 Why did many Americans criticize the Mexican War?

How did they see expansion as a threat to American liberties?

QS.3 How did the concept of "race" develop by the mid nineteenth century? How did it enter into the manifest destiny debate?

Qs.4 How did western expansion affect the sectional tensions between the North and South?

Qs.5 How did the market revolution contribute to the rise of the Republican Party? How did those economic and political factors serve to unite groups in the Northeast and in the Northwest, and why was that unity significant?

Qs.6 How did the Dred Scott decision spark new debates over citizenship for African-Americans?

Qs.7 Based on Lincoln-Douglass debates, how did the two differ on the expansion of slavery, equal rights, and the role of the national government? Use examples of their words to illustrate your points.

Qs.8 Why did Stephen Douglas, among others, believe that "popular sovereignty" could resolve sectional divisions of the 1850s? Why did the ideal not work out? Qs.9 Who were the fire-eaters?