Why did you choose this character and this scene?

Perspective Shift What you will turn in for this project: A creative rewriting of a story from a new perspective (at least 5 pages), and a 2 page

discussion of your rewriting. Rewrite / retell a portion of a story from a different character’s point of view. You are welcome to be as creative as you wish in your choice of alternate character. What inspires you about this piece? What character would let you talk about what you are interested in?

Pay attention to hints in the story about what the character’s “voice” and perspective would be – how would they sound? What would they notice or think about that the main character didn’t? How could their perspective build on or conflict with the original character’s philosophy or main idea?

With your creative rewriting, please turn in a 2 page discussion and analysis of your work. Why did you choose this character and this scene? What did you think was missing from the story that this character’s perspective allowed you to explore? Choose a couple of key sentences and

analyze them closely – what do your word choice and sentence structure convey? How do these sentences help your reader understand the overall point of your rewriting?