Why does sarcopenia occur?

  Sarcopenia is the normal age-related process of muscle fiber loss. Type I muscle fibers support endurance and posture.

Type II muscle fibers support strength for heavier loads and speed, as well as older adult functional independence in activities such as going upstairs and standing up

from a chair. Resistance training can help slow muscle fiber loss at any age

.   For this discussion, we will examine the more microscopic underlying question: Why do we lose muscle fibers with the aging process? Where do they go? 

  Initial post: Select one of the two reference articles listed below for this discussion. Within the selected article, read the abstract, introduction, conclusion, and at least one additional section of your

choosing.  From your research, how would you answer the question: Why does sarcopenia occur? Where do the muscle fibers go?

While you may use scientific terminology, also include your own words to describe the phenomenon. Support your positions with the assigned reading. Use APA citation to credit your source.