Why is this ethos important to your audience?

This proposal should be 2-4 pages in length and must include the following sections: * Audience * Subject * Topic * Tentative Claim (this is your tentative thesis) * Tentative Opposing View (What might others who disagree with you say?)

* Research Question—what question will your project attempt to answer?

For this problem/ solution format, your question will most likely be, “What is the most effective way to solve [insert your problem]?” *

Organizational Plan—this is a high-level outline of the major sections of your project. In the proposal, be sure to address BOTH the problem definition phase and the solution.

You will start the overall research project by writing the problem definition paper first, but this paper will be more successful if you’ve already started thinking about solutions. * Research Plan—What kinds of sources will you use? Why?

Where will you find these sources? What challenges might you face and how will you overcome them? *

Persuasive Plan—What kind of ethos do you want to present?

Refer to the Ethos/Pathos/Logos handout for this.

Why is this ethos important to your audience?

What specific strategies will you employ to build this character/ image with your readers

? The paper should be formatted as the attached document is formed.