Why was slavery implemented across racial lines?

You will write an essay and identify terms. Your essay should be a minimum of 5 paragraphs and 500 words, but be sure to thoroughly address the prompt and provide specific examples. You may discuss the historical context generally, but you must provide clear examples from

lecture/powerpoints and the reading that I will provide for you. Do NOT use outside materials and only material I provide. All material from the reading and sources must be properly cited, and material that is not from the reading/lectures must be in your own words. Next you will define 5 terms in 30-50 word answers for each term. Define the terms with context, meaning an explanation that provides the terms significance to US

history. Your answer should be written in your own words, and not be taken directly from the powerpoint or reading. All terms defined explain significance of historical term and subject. They offer an explanation that defines the term in context, provides accurate dates for term, relevance, and cause, effect, and significance of terms. Essay must meet the Criteria. Essay Criteria: The essay has at least three claims and

five paragraphs 500 words in total that are on topic. This is the minimum for a passing grade. The essay is complete with all of the necessary parts: an introduction with a thesis, several focused body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The essay is on topic and answers all parts of the essay question. The introduction familiarizes the reader with the topic. It might give background information on the topic, include an explanation of what the different points of view are, give historical information, use ideas from the reading, or PowerPoint sources. The introduction has a clear thesis statement that is easy to identify. The thesis statement takes a thoughtful and analytical position on the topic that is arguable—it’s something that needs to be supported. There are multiple body paragraphs that are logically organized and related to the thesis, and avoids making claims without any evidence. The evidence presented is from the lecture and the reading, including multiple relevant quotations. Body

paragraphs demonstrate a clear understanding of cause, effect, and significance of historical events. The essay has a conclusion that wraps up any key points that need to be reiterated, such as the thesis or important supporting points. Support your claim with evidence facts and etc. Essay prompt: Discuss the impact of slavery on the British Colonies in America. What were the main reasons why colonists turned to slavery

instead of other forms of labor? Why was slavery implemented across racial lines? Make sure to include in your discussion indentured servants, labor needs, Britain’s economy, and variances between colonies in their use of slave labor. Terms: Cotton Kingdom Black Colonization Abolition Black Codes Secession Reading Links: 10. Religion and Reform 11. The Cotton Revolution 13. The Sectional Crisis 14. The Civil War 15.

Reconstruction Use the textbook and pdf I linked below ONLY to do this assignment. Make sure you include facts, evidence, context, and sources to back up claims. Make sure to INCLUDE the significance of a term when defining it in your own words