With your current identity, which of these three cultures, Greek, Sumerian or Roman societies would you want to live in?

With your current identity, which of these three cultures, Greek, Sumerian or Roman societies would you want to live in? Give three substantive supports for your answer, taken from these or other references.
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As a woman, I don’t think that any of the ancient societies would be advantageous for the me to live in. If I had to choose one of the 3 cultures/societies, I would have to choose Ancient Greek, specifically Spartan. One of the reasons would have to be the simply fact that I would still be able to have my independence which is very important to me. I feel as if I have found my voice at a very young age and I can’t see myself giving that up for anything or anyone. To have the ability to live in an ancient civilization and not have to worry about being restricted as one would in other civilizations, is important. Coming for a Middle Eastern background, there are some aspects of the Ancient Sumerian society that still exist within the laws and social interactions. There are things that I, a modern woman, do not agree with. Another reason would be the amount of intellectual capital that the Greeks had. What the Greeks had to contribute to the politics, arts, and education are all things made me think about where I would want to be. Knowledge is power, power builds communities, and communities change the world. When it comes to Greeks, they have done that. Lastly, I would have to say that the ancient Greeks’ values were something that I have admired. The principles of loyalty, honor and a strong sense of community pulled me closer to culture. These are values that I hold dear to my heart.
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If I had to choose between the three different cultures of ancient times, I would choose Ancient Greek. In our article, “Greek views of Human Nature”, it states the Ancient Greeks viewed people as “greatly flawed” and having an attitude of “hubris”, however, it is also written that the embraced the “notion” of Eudaimonia” or better said, “human flourishing” (Greek Views on Human Nature; Campbell, J).
I like that the Greeks were encouraged to invest in themselves. Ancient Greeks are known for their contributions in art, poetry, education, philosophy and “athletic excellence” (Greek Views). I’d like to think that I would have flourished in Ancient Greece given the ability to grow as an individual and be applauded for it,
The roles of women during this time were not entirely different from most of the roles I carry now. They are of wife, mother, and housekeeper (www.bartlesby.com/Women-roles-Ancient-Greek). In Athens, a women’s status was pretty much equal to that of a slave (www.Griek-les). I would choose Sparta because women were considered far more important because they recognized that an educated woman could take over the business and household and keep them running efficiently while the men were gone for long periods of time in battle (Bartleby). Because of this, women were allotted education, to run their own business and even own property. At one time, over 60% of the properties owned were by women. Women in Ancient Greek times were also allowed to make wills, inherit wealth, get paid in jobs and free slaves.
The Ancient Greeks were far from perfect, but I wonder, if the people of those times were given a choice, strictly based on the treatment and freedoms of our time, would they choose now, or then?