Would you argue that the ultimate goal of such reforms should be abolition?

For the final exam, you will write two 5-7 page essays. Each essay is worth 25 points and must include information from the lectures and readings (make sure you cite your information). Do not use outside sources. Failure to draw on class information to support your answer will result in an automatic loss of 5 points per essay. You will then upload each essay as a Word document (.doc or .docx) to the Canvas “Final

Exam” assignment. Each essay should be formatted as follows: 1) No cover page, but make sure your name is on the first page. 2) Double-

space; use Times New Roman, 12 pt font 3) No space between paragraphs (you can change this under Formatàparagraphàchange space before and after to “0”) 4) 1” margins all around 5) No contractions (this will result in an automatic 1-point deduction) 6) Citations do not need to be formal, but you must make it clear which lectures and which readings you are using to support your answers. If you do formal

citations/reference list, please use APA formatting. Essay #1: Imagine you are currently serving as a criminal justice advocate, and you are trying to reform the criminal justice system. Would you argue that the ultimate goal of such reforms should be abolition? Why or why not? Which theory

of rehabilitation (see week 10) supports your stance? In your answer, you may choose the focus of what is being reformed and/or abolished. For instance, you can focus on policing, courts, prisons, community corrections, or the criminal justice system as a whole. Make sure you specify the focus. Also in your answer, be sure to draw from both lectures and the readings. Essay #2: Consider all that you have learned this semester.

Based on that information, and drawing from both lectures and the readings, please answer the following questions: • Do you think the criminal justice system serves its purpose? Why or why not? • Do you think the system achieves justice? Why or why not? • What is your opinion of the

criminal justice system as a whole? Has this changed from the start of the semester? • Is there an aspect of the CJ system you would want to work in? If so, what is it and why? If not, why not? Extra Credit (1 pt) Create a meme that captures a class concept, issue, MAKE SURE ESSAY 1 has five pages and Essay 2 has five pages and they are separate