Write a 600-800 word essay (see below for the writing prompt

Write a 600-800 word essay (see below for the writing prompt and additional instructions). PROMPT: One of the reasons using Spark Notes or

other online summary websites for academic research is not recommended is partly due to this description of Govinda: “He does, after all,

eventually find enlightenment, just as Siddhartha does—he just arrives at it in a different way.” This is incorrect as a matter of fact. It is by no means a settled question. He might, or he might not have. Spark Notes states this as a given, but even the instructors in this class cannot agree on

whether or not Govinda reaches enlightenment. In this essay, make a case for Govinda’s enlightenment. Do you think he achieves this state or not?

Use evidence from the book (direct quotes using MLA formatting for citation) to support or refute the claim made by Spark Notes. The above question is for my assignment. At the end of the assignment, make sure to write your question as well (the example is in the attached files) I

have attached files that have more than 50% plagiarism. I would like to re-write this by combing three files into one with 0% of plagiarism