Write a 9-10 page research-based argumentative essay about an issue that impacts human existence on an individual, cultural,

Research-Based Argument Writing Project Assignment: Write a 9-10 page research-based argumentative essay about an issue that impacts human existence on an individual, cultural, or global level.

Research your topic and use the research to make an informed, distinct argument.

Your final essay must have a thesis statement and you must cite and analyze specific passages from your research to support your argument. This is an academic genre, so your essay should demonstrate understanding of academic tone and language, engage sources thoughtfully, use correct MLA formatting and citations, and be carefully edited and polished.

1. Choose your own topic. Pick a topic that matters to you and that you want to explore for the rest of the semester. Doing so will help you invest yourself into the writing process and write the best possible essay you can. The topic you research can be an advancement, a movement, a problem, a shared experience, or a challenge human beings face. You may choose to write about anything you want as long as your topic relates to human existence, is researchable, and is arguable. See the list of potential topics on CC (or come talk to me in office hours!) if you need help selecting a topic.

2. Make a distinct argument about your topic. You must clearly state your argument in a specific and clearly-worded thesis statement, and each of your paragraphs in the essay must support the thesis statement.

The ideas are up to you, but you need a focus. Even if the topic you choose initially is broad, your job is to narrow the focus of your argument to a manageable size that you can thoroughly research in 9 pages. Your essay should address what the issue is, causes of the issue, effects of the issue, relevance of the issue, and impact of the issue on human beings. 3. Research your topic. You must use research as evidence to support your argument.

You must have a minimum of six scholarly secondary sources that are appropriate to your topic and reputable. You may use texts we have discussed this semester and you may use other primary sources (essays, films, art, songs, etc.), but the use of primary sources will not count towards the minimum of six scholarly secondary sources.

All of your sources must be cited in MLA format, including in-text citations and Works Cited entries. Please make sure the sources used are peer reviewed scholarly secondary sources. I chose to write about the impact of social media on mental health in college students, but you are free to expand on that. (Please do not forget to incluluvde a Works Cited Page)