Write a brief biography of each artist, a summary of his/her/their career.

Explore the Art Institute of Chicago’s extensive collection and choose at least 3 objects to write about. Aim for a diversity of media, time period and culture – do not pull multiple examples from one era or culture.

These do not all have to be art objects that you ‘like’. We are drawn to things

for different reasons, and you may find something compelling, but not aesthetically pleasing; it may be puzzling or even repulsive.

-First, respond to what you are looking at- what do you notice first, second, third?

Include appropriate terminology when you identify elements of art and

principals of design. Elaborate on at least 3 formal elements for each object. –

Write a brief biography of each artist, a summary of his/her/their career.

-Determine and briefly describe which art movement this piece is most aligned with (i.e. Impressionism, Baroque, Cubism, Post-Modernism…).

Remember that these can overlap as well. A work of art can be involved with (or tangentially related to) more than one ‘ism’. -In your closing paragraph, describe your subjective responses to all 3 pieces.

What do you find successful and why?

Can you relate your responses to any other aesthetic experiences you’ve had?

Pay attention to what you are curious about, even if the connection seems more marginal or unexpected. This paper should be at least 5 written pages, MLA style, although you may find you need a bit

more to include everything. Cite your sources, and use at least 3 reputable sources. Provide a link to the images you are writing about, or simply upload them with the paper. Be sure to note all of the artists’ names, and the title and year the work was created.