Write a (graduate level) reflection essay on the ideas presented by Zakaria.

Write a (graduate level) reflection essay on the ideas presented by Zakaria. In your essay consider incorporating all of the following (make sure to read/reread the book and passages to avoid taking the author’s thoughts and statements out of context): Assess Zakaria’s six guidelines,

especially in light of the current global situation. Provide your thoughts on “Global power is, above all, dominance over ideas, agendas, and models.” Provide your thoughts on “… it [the U.S.] forgot to globalize itself.” Your thoughts/answer to “… Will the future be modern or Western? …” Provide your thoughts on “… China is an inspiration for all of us…” Present your thoughts on Zakaria’s view about the U.S. best industry. Agree/Disagree. Would it be relevant in 10 years? Why? Why not? What does the future hold for the modern global world (the year 2022 and

forward)? Why? Elaborate. What is the U.S. purpose in this new decade? Why? Elaborate? Add any additional thoughts, remarks, and ideas. The questions above are presented in no particular order. You are welcome to combine them, present them separately, and change the order. The format: The plagiarism check is embedded in the assignment. The final plagiarism score should be below 10%. Follow the APA style – this is

a requirement Title page – APA style Reference page – follow the APA style to cite your references; don’t forget to include the book itself Length of a paper – 5-7 pages (excluding Title and Reference pages), double-spaced Page number – upper right corner of a page Font – Times New Romans, 12 Use additional sources – (at least 5-7 total VALID sources).