Write a literature review that summarizes the research,

Write a literature review that summarizes the research, highlights where there are conflicts and similarities between studies, and discusses

directions for future research. A guideline would be to include at least 10 different sources of peer-reviewed studies that collected original data (in other words, avoid websites, other literature review papers, books, and opinions pieces from experts). The thesis statement should present some

conclusion about the research on that topic—a statement that summarizes, integrates or reinterprets the data. Your thesis may be, for example, a

theory that explains why two sets of research seem contradictory or a theory of how two seemingly disparate research traditions are relevant to one another. Literature reviews are not divided into a fixed set of specific sections, but you should use sub-headings when introducing new topic areas

within a paper. At the very least a good research summary should include a clear introduction, a body in which the evidence is presented, and a discussion.