Write a rough draft of your own creation story.

Write a rough draft of your own creation story. Use an artifact if you want. Your story can be nonfiction or fiction, and the creation can be literal or metaphorical or both, but it has to be based on a truth from your own true life.

Your story should include at least one trope/image/theme we encountered in some of the other stories — e.g., earth, air, fire, water, mother, father, birth, death, the Creator, innocence/sin, lightness/darkness, good/evil.

You should write in a style that is unique to you and your culture, just like each creation story was unique to that culture. Your culture can be your place of origin or your family culture or something you chose later in life. Include an artifact from your life — it can appear in your story or be a photo or drawing attached to your post or both. You can include an introduction to your story but you don’t have to. If you are having trouble finishing your story, just post whatever you have so far!