. Write a survival plan for you and your immediate family

You are awakened by a 9.1 earthquake at 3am tomorrow morning and no public services are available.

There is no electric power, natural gas lines are broken and leaking, no public water. A large tree has fallen on your cars and has blocked the street in front of your house

. Your cell phone has no signal and the house phone has no dial tone.

Your house or apartment appears to have only suffered minor damage.

The damage you see is a large window that is broken and some cracks in the walls and ceiling

The weather is 40 degrees and it is raining

. Write a survival plan for you and your immediate family. Include any emergency actions you would take immediately and develop an inventory of the items and supplies you would need to survive for 3 days with no outside help. Are there any other conditions that concern you?

You can do this on additional paper, in a table or spreadsheet, make up checklists, or howevluver it works best for you.